About VitaWin

VitaWin Healthy Snack’s continued innovation is proof that when values are aligned with action, great things can happen. We, as a team, are committed to: 1. Making healthy delicious products. 2. Going the extra mile to serve our customers. 3. Treating all people and the Earth with respect. 4. Striving to deliver with grace in all that we do.

With a love for our craft, our passion is to ignite your senses with exquisite combinations of smooth dark chocolate while helping you make healthy choices.

We are proud to support domestic production

All VitaWin products are proudly made and packaged in the USA and ready-to-ship domestically.

Our products offer real health benefits

All our delicious chocolate coin and fruits in chocolate products are totally gluten and cholesterol free!
We use only premium dark chocolate high in antioxidants and all our fruits in chocolate products are high in fiber.

We also offer a tasty gluten free chocolate brownie!

We use all natural CBD (cannabidiol)

The CBD extract used in all our chocolate coins is all-natural and sourced from the most reputable domestic suppliers.  The hemp cannabidiol we use in our CBD infused products is manufactured in compliance with CGMP regulations, prescription-free and contains no THC.

So enjoy our CBD coins without worrying about the purity or quality!

Our mission is to provide the most unique, consistent and flavorful snacks.
We want every bite you take of our products to be delicious and sumptuous.
VitaWin Healthy Snacks help you make it through your day!

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